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Rosebrooke Community entryway in Brentwood, Tennessee

Located among the beautiful rolling hills of Brentwood, Tennesse, Rosebrooke is an exceptional community of 248 homesites. Situated on 365 acres at the intersection of Sunset and Split Log roads, this gorgeous piece of property was previously a horse farm known for its World Champion Arabian and Tennessee Walking horses. Named Sunset Hill Farm by previous owners, Dr. William and Mrs. Linda Gaw, today Rosebrooke showcases the natural beauty of this once pastoral land by retaining the rolling landscape, tree rows and bubbling streams.

A carefully curated Builders’ Guild, comprised of Middle Tennessee’s finest custom home builders, offers stately, classic architectural designs with elegant, livable floor plans. Their shared commitment to excellence makes these builders the ideal artisans for this extraordinary community.

Rosebrooke is the second luxury-home community created by the development partnership of Ford Classic Homes and CPS Land. The team’s first venture, Witherspoon, has garnered numerous awards and achieved great success as one of Middle Tennessee’s premier communities. In their signature style, the development team places high priority on creating community through resort-style amenities that not only promote recreation, but also foster neighborly interaction amongst the residents. Rosebrooke amenities are to include a clubhouse with a great room, kitchen, and conference rooms; adult and children’s pools; a large playground; and an event lawn with an outdoor fireplace.

A network of tree-lined sidewalks and multi-purpose paved trails will weave throughout the neighborhood, eventually connecting to the extensive bike and walking path system within the City of Brentwood.

The exceptional location and beautiful natural setting, along with the highly experienced and accomplished development and builder team, is sure to make Rosebrooke Middle Tennessee’s most sought-after community for years to come.

Development Team

Builder Guild

Frequently Asked Questions

Rosebrooke is being co-developed by Ford Classic Homes and CPS Land, LLC. Ford Classic Homes has been building homes of architectural distinction and quality in such distinguished Middle Tennessee communities as Annandale, Laurel Brooke, Westhaven, Windstone, and Witherspoon. Additional information is available at https://www.fordclassichomes.com. CPS Land has been developing many of Middle Tennessee’s top-selling communities since 1997 including Annandale, Providence, Montclair, Burkitt Place, and Witherspoon. Additional information is available at https://www.cpsland.com.

● A gracious resort-style amenity center that features two swimming pools and clubhouse with covered porches, gathering room, kitchen, conference room and restrooms.
● A trail system that connects Rosebrooke to the Brentwood Trail System.
● Beautifully landscaped entrances.
● Street trees, neighborhood parks and playgrounds, streetlights, and sidewalks throughout the community.
● An enhanced architectural program that strives to make sure that each home and lawn conforms to the highest standards.
● An event lawn with an outdoor fireplace.

Rosebrooke will have approximately 248 homes when complete.

No, Rosebrooke is not a gated community.

As of 1/1/23 the HOA quarterly fee assessment for homeowners is $945.00. The quarterly assessments are subject to review and/or revision as outlined in the Bylaws. At the homesite closing, there is a payment due of $2,000.00 toward the working capital fund and an additional payment of $250.00 for a set-up fee to the HOA management company. In the event you sell your home or homesite, a transfer fee of $350.00 will be charged to the buyer of your home. Quarterly Supplemental Fees of $125 will be assessed for Lots 1-8 fronting Sunset Road to cover maintenance of shared driveways (refer to disclosure statement). All fees are subject to change.

The HOA fees will cover maintenance of the:
● Pools, clubhouse, pavilion, and children’s play area.
● Lawn care and seasonal planting throughout the community including entrances, parks, and common open space.
● Highly landscaped and lighted entrances
● Detention pond maintenance
● Landscaped roundabouts
● Paved and unpaved trail system within the community.
● Neighborhood parks HOA fees also cover:
● Insurance for the pools, clubhouse, pavilion, and all open space.
● Water used to irrigate the entrances, roundabouts, and parks.
● Electricity for the pool, clubhouse, pavilion, streetlights, entry lighting and other landscape lighting in common spaces.
● A fee to the management company that is responsible for maintaining. Rosebrooke on a day-to-day basis so residents can enjoy their time while at home.
● Certain Social Events

There are numerous additional items not listed above that the HOA fees cover. All homeowners will be invited to HOA meetings and have an opportunity to participate in leadership positions helping to ensure Rosebrooke remains one of Brentwood’s premier communities.

The Design Review Committee (DRC) is a board of design and building professionals established by the developer to review all homes to be constructed in Rosebrooke with respect to the community covenants and restrictions. This review is also based on architectural style, materials and colors, exterior detailing and site and landscape criteria. The activities of the DRC have been established to protect the integrity of the community streetscape while allowing for the individual to create a custom home.

Mr. Jack Herr – Mr. Herr is a well-respected architectural designer that has designed many of the homes found in some of Nashville’s finest communities including Governor’s Club, Laurel Brooke, The Enclave, Green Hills, and Belle Meade. Mr. Herr’s homes can also be found in cities throughout the Southeast and have been featured in Southern Living and Better Homes and Gardens.

Mr. Chad Gore – Mr. Gore is a registered architect with Ford Custom Homes.

Ms. Flow Miklich – Ms. Miklich is a color specialist and designer with Bella Vita Interiors.

The goal is to create a community of distinctive homes conforming to what might be defined as classic architecture; “English Influence”, “French Influence”, Italian Influence”, and “American Influence”. Each home is to be distinctive yet is to fit into the context of the community plan and architectural theme. As with all aspects of the design review process, flexibility exists and all submissions for construction will be reviewed on an individual basis. A preliminary review of all homes is strongly suggested to receive initial feedback (additional fees may apply).

The design guidelines are enforced by the Design Review Committee (DRC). More specifically, the DRC regularly visits Rosebrooke and reviews the homes under construction. Homes that are not built according to the plans as approved by the DRC are in violation of the design guidelines (“Design Infraction”). Builders/Buyers violating the design guidelines are sent notice of the Design Infraction, fined and are ordered to remediate the Design Infraction. Within fifteen (15) days of receiving notice of a Design Infraction, the Lot Owner must make all repairs or changes necessary to correct the Design Infraction. If the Lot Owner fails to make the repairs within a reasonable time, the Developer or its agents shall be free to enter the property and undertake any required repairs, the cost of which shall be paid by the Lot Owner including fifteen (15%) percent of the actual out-of-pocket cost to cover the Developer’s overhead.

Homes sites in Rosebrooke range in size from approx. 1/2 AC to approx. 4 AC. Most lots are within the ½ acre to ¾ acre range.

Home construction can begin once the Design Review Committee (DRC) approves the Architectural Plan and Site Plan for your new home. Once the Architectural Plan and Site Plan are approved, no changes may be made without seeking re-approval (additional fees may apply).

The square foot requirements will vary depending upon the section of Rosebrooke in which you chose to build your home. The minimum square footage for all home constructed in Rosebrooke is 3,200 square feet excluding garages, porches, unfinished basement area, and open area, however most homes will have a square footage well above this minimum. Any home built in Rosebrooke, regardless of the home’s size, must meet very high design standards.

These homesites are considered “high profile” because of their orientation or location within the community. Typically, these include corner homesites, homesites located along the main parkway, and homesite backing or fronting formal open space.

Only the members of the Rosebrooke Builders Guild or other Approved Builders are permitted to build homes in Rosebrooke.

Acceptable exterior façade materials are brick, stone and stucco (hardcoat only). Accent materials include wood, ‘Hardie’ siding, shake, vertical board-and-batten. No synthetic stucco or exposed concrete block is allowed. Synthetic stone is acceptable in limited circumstances (subject to Design Review Committee approval). Other materials such as stucatto board are allowed in small areas and only by approval. Combining these materials is permitted and, as with all listed materials. Materials must be continuous on all sides of the home (no material can stop on an outside corner and no use of ‘short returns’). All foundations must be faced with stucco, stone, or brick. The use of a permitted material is subject to the review and approval of the Design Review Committee (DRC) as certain materials may not be appropriate for a particular style, design, or location of a home. Please also refer to the Rosebrooke Design Guidelines for further details.

Construction of the above are considered on a lot-by-lot basis. Home buyers interested in constructing any of the above must include them on the Architectural Plan, Site Plan, and the Landscaping Plans prior to submission to the Design Review Committee (DRC). Home buyers that wish to construct the above after the closing of the home, must submit a formal request to the HOA along with detailed plans. None of the above can be constructed without written approval from the DRC or HOA. Please refer to the Rosebrooke Design Standards for further information.

The type, structure, and design of any semi-permanent or permanent play equipment must be submitted to the Design Review Committee (DRC), during home construction, or HOA after closing, for approval before installation. Wood construction is required, except as otherwise may be approved by the DRC/HOA. Play equipment composed primarily of metal is prohibited. Play equipment located in the front or a side yard is generally prohibited. Please refer to the Rosebrooke Design Standards for further information.

Black iron/cast aluminum fences are allowed. Fence heights shall be 5’-0.” Fence location and style is per Design Review Committee (DRC) approval. Side and rear yard fences shall be located so the outermost faces of the fence or posts are outside the Public Utility and Drainage Easement (P.U.D.E.) on each Lot. Exceptions can be considered provided the owner obtains written approval from the City of Brentwood Codes Department, for the fence to be within the easement, however, in no case shall any fence be located closer than five (5’) to any property line. Front yard fences, entry gates/walls and privacy fences will all require DRC approval and must be submitted as part of an overall landscape design. Special attention is given to the fence designs required adjacent to all open spaces and on High Profile homesites. Please refer to the Rosebrooke Design Standards and CCRs for further information.

For any home located within Rosebrooke, the standard is gray aggregate concrete with a standard broom finish concrete apron (apron is defined as the concrete paved area from the back of curb to and including the sidewalk). The Design Review Committee (DRC) must approve any alternate materials for the driveway. No variances are granted for the broom finish concrete apron.

No individual home mailboxes are permitted in Rosebrooke. Mailboxes and posts shall conform to the standard Subdivision mailbox design established by the DRC. For homes located off Sunset Road, a paired mailbox will be located at the shared driveway. For the rest of the subdivision, the State of Tennessee requires central mailbox units designed as cluster box units (CBUs) that are aligned with the United States Postal Services preference to be used in all developments. CBUs will be centrally located at the Clubhouse, landscaped cul-de-sacs, and other accessible locations, and shall be places in accordance with the determination of the United States Postal Service. These CBUs will conform to the standards of design established by the Developer. The Association shall be responsible for repairs and replacements of the CBUs.

All homes in Rosebrooke are expected to include a high level of quality landscaping and hardscape. Hardscape refers to items such as walks, drives, and pool and patio layout. Landscape refers to all aspects of new plantings and existing natural foliage on the homesite and how that combines to create a complete site layout. Landscape and hardscape plans must be approved by the Design Review Committee (DRC). Plans must be submitted for DRC approval on or before completion of exterior facade materials.

The ‘Homesite Profile’ for a particular lot in Rosebrooke, is a descriptive outline of various site-related elements that affect construction of a custom home. Elements that may be included in a Homesite Profile include the slope and orientation of the lot, the best location for a garage, basement options, the building envelope size, and any other special features regarding the homesite. This profile functions as a guide for selecting a specific site and/or determining whether your house plans are suited for a particular site.

Homesites requiring “heavy landscaping” are typically considered critical homesites because of their high-visibility, orientation, or location within the community. The “heavy landscaping” requirement ensures that these homes are well presented.

Constructing any of the above is considered on a home-by-home basis. Home buyers must include these entry features on the Architectural & Site Plan and the Landscaping Plans that are submitted to the Design Review Committee (DRC). Home buyers that wish to construct the above after closing of the home, must submit a formal request to the HOA along with detailed plans. None of the above can be constructed without written approval from the DRC/HOA.

The ‘Homesite Profile Plan’ is a descriptive outline of various site-related elements present on the available homesites in Rosebrooke that may affect the construction of your custom home. The elements included are such items as homesite slope and orientation, the best location for a garage, basement options, building envelope size and any other special features regarding the homesite. This profile will function as a guide for selecting a specific site and/or determining whether your house plans are suited for a particular site.

Yes, Rosebrooke is a beautifully lighted and pedestrian friendly community.

Yes, there are sidewalks throughout the community that connect to the parks and trails. Rosebrooke is a pedestrian-oriented community that was designed for people interested in walking and running on the sidewalks and trails.

The Street Tree Program was developed to provide the framework for planting and maintaining street trees between the curbs and sidewalks. These trees provide an important separation between the pedestrian areas and the street and help to frame the houses. The developer plants the street trees at the appropriate time and the builder is responsible for the care, maintenance, and replacement, if necessary, of street trees on a lot during construction. After the home closing, the homeowner assumes responsibility for the care, maintenance, and replacement, if necessary, of street trees on their lot.

Rosebrooke is zoned for:
Jordan Elementary: (615) 472-5270
Sunset Middle School: (615) 472-5040
Ravenwood High School: (615) 472-4800

Note: These schools are subject to change based on Williamson County School Board decisions.

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